Friday, September 26, 2008


So now I make up for my poor pitiful me post from last night.

Ali Carrie confronted me this morning about how she is feeling snubbed in the news lately.  So a quick update on her.  She is still sweet.  She still loves to doo doo in the house, though not lately.  She loves to roll around in the grass even after a bath and her latest favorite toy is an old pair of Nick's socks.  For the past three nights she and I have been battling it out on our bed with a good ole game of tug-o-socks.  She growls and pulls and I pull back and bite her on the neck.  She loves it so much that at random times in the day, like when I am feeding a child, she will come and put the sock in my lap and sit at my feet staring up at me as if to say, "Ya wanna!?"  Here is a picture of her just after her last scalping, I mean haircut.

Raise your hand if you have a CAT that looks like my Dog ( cue lukesha).

It is Friday and last night was the first official "through the night" sleepfest.  Harper and Lily went to bed at 9pm and did not get up until 4am!  When they started crying I rolled over and looked at Nick and he said, "they haven't eaten since 9."  So we both got up and had them back down by 4:30am.  NICE.  They are both sleeping now in their swings.  Two days ago I erected (???) their playmats and Lily is really into them.  I can put her on her back and watch her gaze up at the flying ladybugs and frogs.  Also, she likes to look at herself in the mirror and kick her feet and wave her hands.  The mat is bright blues and reds and black and whites which is supposedly visually stimulating.  I will be looking for a used double stroller that can be used for the upcoming months until they can sit up on their own.  With the weather being so nice it would be great to be able to stroll around the neighborhood or go places - we haven't been able to do this because the double we have doesn't have any support and they just sort of slump over.  Suggestions or offers???

Tonight we are going "window shopping" around East Chase to get out and about.  I am sure there will be a Pumpkin Spice latte somewhere in that mix.

Saturday should be a great game day.  Alabama plays Georgia in a "black out" game - intimidated?  Not so much.  I really hope we win.

Sunday, Selma?  Visit with Nana and Pops and hopefully trade cars for the early part of the week because we are all going on our first vacation together!  Point Clear and staying in the Grand Hotel Monday, Tuesday, come back Wednesday.  This is a "business trip" for Nick but there will be a lot of free time to sight see and just get away.   I hope to see the ocean at some point and maybe do a little shopping at the outlet malls.  Also looking for some fresh sushi.

For the Montgomery locals:  I had an AMAZING coffee chat with an amazing woman yesterday...kindred spirit if you will.  Along with this chat I savored a Cafe Louisa skim caramel latte in a huge pottery mug.  Cafe Louisa is one of those places I go to (sadly, rarely) but leave asking, "why don't I come here more often?"  I love that each employee has three shades of color in their hair, ear piercingS, hemp beaded necklaces, and graphic tees, and everyone in the place is either drawing, journaling, or Mac-ing.  And there is local art hanging on the wall, for sale.  Just a good place to be.  I wish that our house was in walking distance to this place but you know, the East Side of town has it's perks too, it does!

Well that is about all that I have to post about for now.  Happy Friday.


Stephanie said...

There's a consignment sale in Wetumpka next weekend. Let me know if you want to join me.

Eleanor said...

Weird. I had a amazing chat with an amazing woman yesterday, too!

The Bean said...

I would check craigslist in your local area for a double stroller or you could get out the one you have and put the girls in it with some little blankets and car seat head rests propped around them to see if that would make it more comfortable and stable for them.