Thursday, August 07, 2008

The need for change...

Don't be fooled by the title...I'm talking about HAIR.

This morning I watched a rerun on Oprah about the "Great American Haircut."  Shaggy bangs, angled bobs, lustrous colors, shiny glosses Oh My!  Some gals may have a fetish for shoes or manicures but mine is HAIR.  "How strange, Laura has the plainest hairstyle of all time: a brown ponytail???" you may be saying to yourself.... this is the problem.  I want a new do so badly but I have no idea what to get or where to get it.  I want a cut that is stylish and modern, easy to fix, and color that is fabulous.  Nick laughs at me when I say on certain days, "Doesn't my ponytail look cute today?"  Isn't that SAD?  My PONYTAIL has different looks.  The most common is the wet slicked back look (my least favorite) but it is because 1.) it is summertime and 2.) I have two newborn babies.  Even if I took time to blowdry it and style it, 5 minutes later I would be tucking it behind my ear most likely with a huge gob of spit up for "maximum hold."  

JL and LJM have fabulous haircuts from salons within in an hours drive... an hour's drive yes I am willing to do it.  I really am not all that "plain Jane" but my hairs begs to differ.  That is all I have to say about that.


The Bean said...

I've never been able to get a cut that I just really loved. My last one was long layers with a couple to frame my face and it has been my favorite I guess. However with my fine, straight hair it's hard to do anything dramatic with it. I recommend you keep some length though with whatever style you choose. Oh and Baby Bean decide she needed honey mustard for maximum hold last night. :)

Jessica said...

i saw this Oprah too! I was thinking the exact same thing.. and this morning I called and scheduled a haircut appointment.

Thanks for you response to my blog. I totally agree with you... it is amazing how God works. I am so glad we have "reconnected" and I think we owe it all to him. Let me know if you ever want to have a play date! I know David would LOVE to have two girlfriends :)