Friday, August 15, 2008


Let's talk about it.

Health Insurance is a topic that seems to be coming up lately.  Campaigns, new jobs, life decisions.  All people need it, few can afford it, more people do not have any at all.  

It seems that a country so resourceful, where people walk right by loose change lying on the ground, should be able to meet the people's health needs.  However, lately I have heard some real horror stories about the costs of insurance and where the money is really going.  The purpose of insurance is to guarantee that should something go wrong you have sufficient means to an end, right?  If the deductible is as high at $1500 in some cases and a single visit to the emergency room can start at $1000 isn't that unfortunate?  

The cost of single coverage may not be so bad but for anyone wanting to start a family and not being able to afford health and supplemental insurance really makes for a "catch-22."  I mean it is really sad when one's insurance premiums make up a third of one's annual salary!  This is much more common among employees of small businesses which is ironic to me because it seems like Americans are really given a bad rap for being a nation of consumers and told that we should buy local... support small, private, family owned businesses right?  It is the middle class hardworking Americans working 9-5 with little or no thanks that are struggling to make ends meet due to high insurance premiums and ridiculous taxes (but I won't go there).

I am grateful that I work for the city and therefore have cheaper insurance premiums than most people.  TRUST ME I am grateful.  Grab a chair and sit down because I am about to tell you the total cost of my stay in the hospital plus the birth and care costs for Harper and Lily while they were in the NICU for 62 days...$600,000.  I'm serious.  And so in my family, it makes sense that I carry the family insurance based on the fact that monthly premiums and deductibles are low and my husbands are HIGH but this makes the choice to stay home full time to take care of them impossible.  If I were to quit my job to take care of their basic needs... I couldn't because we wouldn't be able to afford basic health insurance for them on top of also responsibley paying the bills...

Darn shame.


luke said...


i've got nothing to add.

Jason said...

Crazy for sure ....I pay out of the pocket every month for my own insurance and its pretty dang good...$192.00per month and its gotten me this far in 6 years almost.
When Dadddy was in the hospital back in March of 2006 his bill came to $196,000.00 for right at 5 days.
Perhaps the canidates running for political office should take hard look at theREAL things that are affecting peoples lives not just right now but down the line also....good post!

Mary Tyler S. said...

Those babies sure were spensive ;)

The Lemmond Family said...

It is obsurd what hospital visits cost. I don't know how people do it that don't have insurance.

Hey by the way I finally started my blog again its