Thursday, August 03, 2006

On Demand: More Pleasant Images

Praise our sweet Lord, the examinations are final...done...turned in, whew. My Math exam took a little over 2 hours. It was long but not hard (tee hee). About 45 minutes into the exam my phone vibrates and Nick had texted me, "I'm out and waiting downstairs." He finished way earlier than I did and had to wait in the car. We expected it to be the other way around.

Before the exam a woman bit my head off when I offered to help her with a problem that she missed on the previous test.

Her- "But Mrs. Spear, that DOES NOT make sense! How am I supposed to know that on page one of the test you wanted us to explain it like we would to a first grader and on page two we can use any method to solve?! That threw me off and then you counted off!"

Mrs. Spear- "Well look at the one says define the method, solve, and briefly explain as you would to a student. Page two says solve using any method.

Her- "And you changed what you said in the "mail time" section of our notes...what is a check and a bill?"

Me (sitting two rows over): "The bills represent...(I was going to say negative numbers)

Her: (giving me "THE HAND") "I don't NEED a classmate to tell me what I've done wrong! I ASKED Mrs. Spear to explain it to me!"

Me: "Pffffff! (chuckle) WHATEVER!"


Our friend Jason just came in and the three of us are about to have celebratory cosmos(me) and beer(them) on the porch! We watched an episode on Modern Marvels last night on "Liquor and Beer Distilleries Around the World." It was absolutely fascinating...the bartender made the most beautiful cosmo so I am going to appease the craving.

Here is a snap of Ali's new haircut!

(She is really self conscious because she said she thinks that all the other dogs will say she looks like a poodle...I told her to call me if anyone starts giving her a hard time...that God loves her just the way she is.)


Mary said...

She looks great, but with 100 degree weather...who CARES what you look like. I have a hair apt. for SUNDAY.

Congrats. Cosmos are SO Carrie Bradshaw. I love it.

John III said...

I made me own but it sucks so far. pass me around and get me friends i couldn't find nick's

John III said...

o yeah its