Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Blah Blah Blah

So, tonight I breezed through my first final: General Nutrition. Instead of studying, I napped. I am not proud or happy about that but sometimes I let my body win and ask myself two questions: "Can this test ruin my life?" and "Can this test ever determine my self worth?" Most the the time the answers to these questions are "No" and so sleep wins. I am sure that most people can identify when I say that when I begin my classes working towards my major/masters I will be more excited and motivated to not nap during study hours.
Nick and I both have our last finals tomorrow night: me-Mathematical Reasoning and Nick-Intro to Public Admin. Say a little prayer for us.

I got a really drastic haircut - Mary you might remember having this discussion when you and Lane came through on your way to Boston. I have been growing my hair out for about 2.5 years and it grew a total of like 5 inches since then (slow slow slow). About three weeks ago my hair-girl gave me layers with the razor-she really wacked it. That night in bed I kept saying, "I'm gonna hate this tomorrow, I'm gonna hate this tommorow." While I didn't abhor the cut...I did hate that if I didn't blow dry and flat iron it looked like a bad haircut that I didn't take time to fix. Consequently, everyday since then my hair went in a " low dew drop" the minute I walked out the front door. The only good thing that came out of that haircut was the chunky caramel highlights I got too :) So yesterday I went in and said..."Do something. I hate this style that is begininning to look like a MULLET." So she chopped it and I was so ok with it. There have been situations in the past where I have actually cried in the salon chair and one time actually told the lady who cut my hair that she had ruined my year (cause that is how long my hair takes to grow an inch)! She snapped at me and told me that she did what I asked...but she didn't. I have no way of explaining the devastation that she caused on my head. But I got over it.

(But here is the new do...P.S. I only have this pic. because my sometimes over-critical mother that I love very much who has NEVER like a haircut of mine wanted me to email her a shot because I couldn't go to her house after my appointment.)

N-E-WAY...that's is enough about me.

Speaking of drastic haircuts- Ali Carrie gets shaved tomorrow at 8am. I am really worried that she will be shy...some dogs slink around after your shave their hairs. But she really needs a shaving...she gets too hot on walks and if I don't brush her every day she looks like a raggamuffin - what is a raggamuffin anyway? Here is what she looks like...

(Just kidding Ali Carrie you know I love you more than cheese dip!)

It is 8:11pm and my Love will be home any minute...I need to get started on dinner: Terriyaki chicken, asian rice with sesame seeds, and sauteed summer squash and zuchinni!



Heather said...

I love the hair. Very pretty. I am all about drastic haircuts. My hair used to grow fast, but now I am trying to grow it out and super annoyed.

Liz said...

The cut is really cute!! You need to post a front shot too! I have been debating about cutting my hair - which would be really drastic since I haven't cut it since I moved to Kentucky three years ago!! (it is ALMOST at my waist now!) Its just SO stinkin hot!! Anyways, your's is really cute - wish I had the guts to do that too! :)

Lane said...

That picture of the dog really, really disturbed me on some deep level.

Jason said...

The hair looks great I think.....but I am confused about one thing.....I always thought that "Chunky Caramel Highlights" was an ice cream flavor from Blue Bell....Go Figure !!!

Mary said...

LOVE the haircut. Love the highlights. It is pefect on you! Only some people can pull that off. YOU have inspired me. Though I will not go that short, it is BAD time for a hair cut. I'm making an appointment... NOW.

Also... you need to post a real picture of the dog to get that horrible image out of our minds. Cheese dip is really good, but I also would choose my pups over it :-)