Thursday, August 17, 2006

"Bean" Busy Lately

As you can see this is Emily and me on Tuesday night! Emily and Brea are visiting the US for a couple of weeks to visit family in Illinoise, Selma, and North Carolina. Tuesday night at the Mielke's was really fun. Dan, Yvonne, Emily, Brea, Andrew, April, Nick and me had dinner and visited for a good while before Nick and I headed back to Mont. We were able to meet little Brea for the first time and she is even more beautiful and smart in person than she appears in all of the photos we have received.

----> Here she is a little sleepy but beautiful none the less. She is a very good baby and I can't wait to see her again during Christmas. Equally exciting is the time that my sister in law got to spend together since it was only the third time we have met! We did a lot of "what-if-ing" about her next pregnancy possibly being about the time that Nick and I would like to have our first and maybe even within close distance...I said it Tuesday and I'll say it again..."you never know what God has in store!" One more wonderful picture (my favorite) of Nick and Brea...

Yes, this picture is wonderful. I look forward to what our little bebe will look like! But don't worry Nick and I are waiting atleast 2 years (post graduation).

SO thank you Mielke and Ledford families for a WONDERFUL evening.

(p.s. It was raining when we came in from the drive...thus the wet spots on Nick's shoulder)

On to other news...I AM BACK AT WORK...back to alarms at 5:30am, kiddos everywhere, paperwork up to ears, and neck aches! I am glad to be back to work but it is taking my body a little while to adjust. I hope that next week will be easier. I am taking a lot of pics at school of my students and room decorations, etc. but I don't want to post any kid's pictures without parent permission for obvious reasons - DUE PROCESS is my job's middle name. I know chances are very slim to none but I'm not a risk taker when it comes to posting children's images on my personal website for any reason. However, I do plan on making a detailed scrapbook documenting this years precious moments at TSM. But you may look forward to sporadic "Kids Say the Darndest" posts that I plan to blog soon. What's K.S.T.D? Well we all know that kids will say anything and they THINK they KNOW everything and when you mix those two things together you get some really funny conversations going. For example:

K.S.T.D, Episode I (characters' name may have been changed to protect the confidentiality between therapist and client and the rest of the world)

Mrs. Mielkeway: "Alright Lideja, today we are working on the same sound as we did yesterday. Do you remember?"
Lidejare': " Da tay soun?"
"Try to tell me again, using the same sound as in CAT."
"Da K-ay soun!?!"
"Yes, that's right. Let's do one...what's this?" (show flashcard now)
"Uh, uh, a TAT!!!"
"Try again"
"Uh, a k-k-CAT!"
"YES! That's it! Let's do another one...what's this?"
"Uh, a Can!"
"YES! Again!"
"Uh, uh, a TOTE!"
"Think hard...try again."
"Uh, uh, a COAT!"
"Yes, a coat!"
"Ooh! Ooh! Mih Miway, my mama been deh befOH! She had been to da coat, to pick up dat chile suppOTE'!

Like I said (or wasn't it Bill Cosby?) , Kids Say the DArNdEsT!!! AND I LOVE IT. Seriously, I love these children more than anything. We actually have discussions about why I talk like I do and why they talk like they do. This conversation came after I said to a group of third grade girls that the picture on my desk was of me and one of my "homegirls." They all giggled and said..."You can't say that cause you white." We learn from each other every day...but that's a different blog.


Liz said...

I LOVE that picture of Nick and Brea!! That is definitly worth framing!! How cute!!

Heather said...

That IS a wonderful Nick and Babe picture, and your teaching story gave me a smile.

Jason said...

Good pictures ...I really enjoyed meeting Brea (and seeing Emily) at the apartment Wednesday night....
And it was actually Art Linkletter who said it first, not Cosby. Linkletter was the first host back in the 50s. Dont you love a know it all!!!!!
Great post ...reminded me of being back home!!

Mary said...

So fun. Its so great you are getting to spend time with the beans. In laws can be so great. I love mine :-) People with crappy in laws really miss out!

The Bean said...

I love the post on the baby bean! I will be posting my bean vacation photos and such when I get back to Belgium. Until then everyone will have to wait in suspense. >:)