Saturday, May 29, 2010

Conversations Lately

Lately, I have been having real conversation with H & L. In order to give you an accurate picture I am going to type phonetically when giving the words of my growing girls.

(Harper pulls up t-shirt, points to her "outie")
H: Beh-e-bud-dah???
Mommy: Yes, that is your belly button! You have an outie!
H: YuK!
Mommy: No, Harper, not yuk! You are beautiful! Your belly button is beautiful because it is a part of you!

(Lily, helping me throw "crash" away in the "crash can")
L: drow da crash?
Mommy: Yes, let's throw away the trash.
(Lily peeks inside the can and sees a cheap electronic butterfly shaped toy that is way to loud and whose letter are so tiny and cluttered - this toy is not a good teaching tool and it takes up a lot of space in the toy box and I don't believe any baby can learn from it so it does not need to be donated so I threw it away)
L: Bud-fwi in da crash!?!?
Mommy: Yes, baby Mommy threw the butterfly away because it is annoying
L: Die Die Bud-fwi! (byebye)

(Mommy changing Lily's diaper one night and her hands start exploring, down there)
L: (touching her self) "No! No!"
Mommy: That is not a no no. You can touch in private.
L: (continuing) No! No! Don' touch!!!
Mommy: It is ok to touch in private Lily. Mommy, Dr. and Lily can touch in private.

(Yesterday the dr. says ok Lily let's check your tu-tu, and takes off her diaper)
L: "in pie-vet! in pie-vet!
Mommy: Yes Lily, it is ok if the dr. looks at you in private.

(Daddy and Mommy "rock rocking" before bed time)
Daddy: Night night Mommy
Mommy: Night night Daddy
Lily: night night Ali
Harper: night night Moomps & Pa ( their grandparents, my mom and dad)
Lily: night night put-tay-tuh het! (potato head)
Harper: night night Eh-mo (Elmo)
Lily: night night cup
Harper: night night bocks (blocks)
Lily: night night Gackie (Jackie - nanny and friend ;)
Harper: night night Mo-money (Jackie's baby)
***saying night night to Gackie and Mo-money makes them think of things they do during the day which leads them to say...
Harper: night night potty
Lily: night night Poo Poo
Daddy: night night Harper
Mommy: night night Lily

True Stories.


Stephanie said...

I love those conversations. They are so fun! Lately, Silas will walk into whatever room I'm in and say, "Whatcha doin' Mama?" It always makes me smile.

But hearing them call Rosemary Mo Money was the best part of this story. Ha!

Lindsey said...

So cute! I can not wait for my boys to start talking. Will is behind on speech and has not said any words yet. I will be so excited when I finally hear mama!

I hope all is well with you guys. If yall are ever passing through the Athens area, I would love to see yall. We live about 30 seconds from I-65 Athens exit.


Catie Murphy said...

Laura, I loved reading these sweet recollections. This is such a fun time, as they are learning SO much every day! Thanks for sharing and I hope that you all are well!