Friday, May 28, 2010

There have been many blogs on my list lately whose titles are something like "Summer is Here" or "Days of Summer." It is summer time for me. 8 weeks of being home, work/worry free. And yes, it feels amazing.

Anyone that knows me well enough knows that I have shared more than a fair amount of complaints about what I do but this school year but now I have arrived to a place where I am at peace with the job that fell into my lap almost 6 years ago. This was a "split year" for me. I started out the school year based and full time at one school and half way through was transferred and serving 6 schools. Talk about a culture shock. None of it was easy and looking back at the past few months I can say confidently that I did the best that I could and got the job done. I do not believe that my work schedule will be the same next Fall - don't know yet my new assignment but I have a feeling that it will be rewarding... an assignment I have worked hard for and had to step up and speak out for. I am at a point that I am able to see a "bigger picture" and anticipate new opportunities that will take me from "yes I like my job most of the time" to "this is it, I can see doing this for another 15-20 years." But summer break is here now and this is a time to rest.

For me, summer IS "simplicity." My typical day will follow the same schedule. During summer I focus a lot on food (nutritious food), exercise, and cleaning out the house. Being a mother and the duties required are also the bulk of that schedule. By the way, this is my third summer being a

A few things I look forward to now that summer is here:
-fresh fruit smoothies for breakfast
-a clean kitchen and scented candles
-reading books
-taking walks
-taking naps
-play dates in parks, who cares if it is 100 + degrees outside? this won't actually kill me
-church/youth small groups
-To Kill a Mockingbird
-the Farmer's Market
-matting and framing family pictures over the fireplace
-a trip to Nashville
-overnight guests
-dinners with friends

That is about it. Sound plain? Yes. Just the way I like it.

Pictures from Spring/Summers past:

March '08 Biscuits Game

April '08

May '08 Harper is born

May '08 Lily is born also :)

May '08 I hold Lily for the first time

June '08 Harper, meet Lily, Lily, meet Harper

July '08, Uncle Jay-c

May '09

July '09

August '09

April '10, Lily and Harper

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