Thursday, June 17, 2010

Some Summer Favorites

A few of my favorite things this summer have been:

White Mossimo tank top from Target, clearance sale price $4.99, also purchased in pink and kelly green:

These shorts in black and khaki:

Trips to Lake Martin with our friends:

Morning walks:

Gorgonzola cheese on salads:

Ginger Dressing on everything:


Almost finished with this one,

Loved this one:

Really loved this one: (finished it in 24 hours)

And, THIS guy:

You know him as this season's The Bachelorette Kasey:
"I want to guard and protect her heart/Here's my heart, come on in and stay a while..."

1 comment:

maughry said...

AHHHH. That last one made me laugh.

Obviously he will end up being known as the Bachelorette-GandPyourheart-TATTOO-guy.

I still cannot get over it. He GOT A TATTOO OF A SHIELD GUARDING AND PROTECTING A HEART. Seriously, there is nothing better than trashy reality tv in the summer:-)I can't wait til next week!

Also, I've never tried Ginger dressing. You've got me interested.