Sunday, August 30, 2009

My List of To Do's

My blogging friends have starting a list of what they want to do when the grow up. My turn.

-birth another child in my 30's.
-adopt a child from my community (currently reading "The Women Who Raised Me" by Victoria Rowell, amazing memoir about adoption/foster care in the 60's and Maine's laws against a white family adopting a black child)
-get my Master's degree (special education? speech? general education?)
-live in an old house
-take one good trip every year, with our children
-learn to ride horses
-do something teaching and aiding young mothers
-participate in an excursion where you swim/play with dolphins
-go on a silent retreat (thanks Steph, have always wanted to but probably wouldn't have thought to post it if I had not read it on your post)
-start a new career (???? although I love my job I have an underlying feeling that it isn't what I'll be doing for the next 20 years)
-quit smoking (once and for all - for those of you who don't know, yes, I do, ug)


lindsay said...

I love the young mothers one! I am one but that is something I want to do as well!

Stephanie said...

Yes they are really similar. I'm interested in the book you're reading right now.

The Bean said...

I thought you quit smoking long ago with the whole pregnancy thing? When did you start back up? I like the excursion with dolphins thing. I've always wanted to play with dolphins...

Julia said...

Next check out "The Help" by Kathryn Stocket. You'll think about the AXO house more than once. It's a great read by a bama grad.