Monday, August 24, 2009

For bloggin's sake

I like how JG did his last post so here I go:

a few things to remember about me:

- i love asking "what's for supper?" (usually followed by, "do we have any money?"
- sometimes Nick and i get really absurdly tickled making funny faces at each other and talking to each other with a lisp
- i hate thinking about having to run errands after work... i like to come straight home
- pjs and watching a t.v. with Nick while he plays with my hair is my favorite
- i take bubble baths after i exercise
- i usually hate talking on the phone; i would much rather you just come by
- i am embarrassed by how much American (or World for that matter) history I should know but don't
- i get anxious and down right irritable when I am hungry
- fall festivities (carnivals, hayrides, pumpkin spice latte's, fleece jackets) give me butterflies in my stomach
- it has been 5 years since i went to the beach... but in October we are going with my family... excited is an understatement
- two of my closest friends are pregnant with baby girls
- lit candles in my home makes me feel cozy and at peace
- people at work consider me a positive person, which, although flattering, i think is a true sign that they really don't know me that well... my closest friends and family would probably say i am a natural worrier
- i perform tasks best under pressure/i procrastinate
- i can usually humor those around me by making impressions
- i miss church


The Bean said...

You two are two "nuts" in a pod! :) I miss you guys and wish you would come see us again soon!!!

mary said...

There are SEVERAL of these I could've written about myself. I knew we had a lot in common but here are a couple:

I also know VERY little history. It's why I keep Lane around. I often think I should just break down and pick up a book or two meant for 6th graders and brush up.

I also hate talking on the phone unless it's about something really important. Otherwise, let's just get together, email or text.

Lane and I get "absurdly tickled" by making up hilarious song lyrics to music we're currently listening to from the perspective and respective voices of the dogs. It sounds ridiculous but I bet everyone of you would laugh if you were here for it... especially at Lane's musical canine creations.

Finally, on a different note, it doesn't surprise me that your co-workers see you as a positive person. Maybe you remember all the times you worry but don't notice it as much when you are an optimist. Who knows.

Kimmie said...

laura! i haven't been to your blog in a while and just enjoyed reading some of your post. i miss your funny impressions tooooo. i could always count on you to make me laugh at the alpha chi house! hope all is well in your life!

Laurel said...

I really love this post!

FIVE years since you've been to the beach?!?!

oh my word. I cannot even imagine.
I am counting down the days for you, sister...