Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This Weekend

This weekend we had a small and intimate celebration of the babies being Christened... Nick like "Baptism" better but Christened sounds as sweet and pretty as the ceremony is. It was a special day... weekend actually. One of my dearest friends, Jennifer, traveled from Nashville to be here and time spent with her is always so special and never enough. By Sunday, after staying up really late Friday night, cleaning, exercising, and shopping Saturday, and celebrating Sunday I was tired... tired in my bones kind of tired. I have so much to catch up on house wise but it was all so worth it.

Of course I got emotional during the service on Sunday... realizing what it really means to be Christened and seeing the looks on the the babies' faces when the cool water ran down their sweet heads. Kissing Lily's damp soft spot really brought it all home when we sat back down in the pews. One of my most remembered photos from my infancy was on my Christening date so I look forward to sharing these (and many more) with the girls when they get older.

Their gowns were a gift from a "Footprints" mom that I met during out time at the NICU. The detail on the backs of the dresses is too sweet. The picture of both babies from behind is probably my favorite from the weekend.

The babies are almost 10 months old... 10 months already. Harper has a tooth budding on the bottom gum. They are rolling and eating baby food twice a day. Tonight they are sleeping soundly with 7pm being their new bed time. It is so nice to hear them chatting at 5a.m. because they are "well" and feel good. With Spring on it's way I am praying that we won't have any more major colds or flu. My hope was that on this Mother's Day I would be with my family on the beach but looks like that is not going to happen. There is other stuff that needs to be done and that's o.k. Next year maybe.

Work is really great. It is IEP season which means a lot, a lot, of testing, paperwork, and meetings. It is Special Education's way of "spring cleaning." Out with old goals and in with the new. I have never felt so secure and productive at my job. I guess being a mother finally helps give a new perspective on teaching children in general.

That is about it for now. Here are some pictures from the weekend.


mary said...

Awe what a beautiful post.
I wish we could have been there. The pictures are so cute! I can't believe they are almost a year old.

Also, I like the word Christened better too.

Madame Rubies said...

I am partial to the word "christening." I mean, it has Christ in it and it is pretty.


Nick M. said...

This is a great post and it was indeed a wonderful weekend. I loved being there with our sweet babies and seeing the expressions on their face (like you said). God truly is good!!

(sorry but I HAVE to do this...my word scramble for this comment is "balshanc"...the junior high boy in me is going to giggle about that for the next couple of days)

Mary Tyler S. said...

Nick SO has a popped collar in the outside family pic. awesome. I like Christening too. They did so good. Thanks for including us.

The Bean said...

Love the pictures and hated that we couldn't be there. Is the bottom picture Lily?

Meredith said...

Precious pictures Laura! You and your family look great! What a wonderful weekend!

Catie Murphy said...

Beautiful! The girls look SO much like you, sweet Laura! I love it. They are gorgeous.