Saturday, November 08, 2008

Picture Post

I saw someone do this on their blog and thought it was a good idea.
-Go to the 4th photo file folder in your computer
-Post the 4th picture in that file
-Tell the story of the picture
-Tag for friends.

Ha HA. Ok this is funny.

This was September 30 of 2006 when Nick and I drove to Auburn to get tattoos together.  Not matching.  I chose the Fleur de Lis because I love the look of this symbol and also for it's religious symbolism, representing the Holy Trinity.  The artist's name was Melvin and we didn't have much to talk about because as you can see in the background of the picture the "Dave Chappelle" DVD was running the full hour.  The first five minutes of the tattoo worried me about whether or not I would be able to make it through the rest of the session but half way through my endorphins were really flowing and it actually felt like a deep tissue massage.

What is really crazy is that here we are 2 years later with a child name "Lily" and I did NOT plan her name from my tattoo, lol.  It really was coincidence.  Well when it dawned on me and Nick one night that I have a "lily" tattoo and and "Lily" child we google image searched "Harper" and the first picture that came through was the "Lion Rampant" symbol which... you guessed it, is what Nick got tattooed on his shoulder that day in Auburn.  CRAZY.

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The Howell's said...

OMG! That is crazy! I love stuff like that!

Laurel said...

thanks for the tag and yours is great!...but my pic is SO LAME :(

it's a pic of an event I did in the bahamas (lame like it's a tablescape lame)