Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Nigh Fluff

The survey that Nick and Stephanie and Jason did was fun to read so here is mine.

My favorite birthday?
I feel kind of bad saying this but if I am being completely honest I would have to say it was my 23rd birthday.  I had graduated college and was back at home in Montgomery and went out to celebrate with some friends.  While we were out I looked over the bar and saw an old crush of mine.  When I was 16 he was 26 and it was totally inappropriate for us to crush on each other but we flirted innocently.  Well he looked shocked, like I was still 16 and asked what was I doing in a bar!?  When he asked how I was etc. I said I had just graduated college and was out celebrating my birthday blah blah blah and we ended up going back to my apartment (no hanky panky so get your minds out of the gutter) and dancing to songs like Lionel Richie's "Dancing on the Ceiling" till 4 in the morning!  There have been more sentimental birthdays that were more important but that was a really fun birthday that is fun to share! (sorry Nick, love you!)

My favorite way to spend the day off?
One word: relax.  Up at five to feed the babies, flavored coffee, watch the Today show, cook a yummy lunch, go on a walk/stroll, do laundry, read, maybe take a nap, spend time with Nick... basically just enjoy my home and my family.

My favorite song to turn up and sing to?
"Let My Love Open the Door" by the Who? 

What TV show will cause me to ignore my husband, children, friends until the next commercial?
THE BACHELOR AND/OR BACHELORETTE. Sorry I have no excuses... I LOVE this show.  I love watching all the nerves and desperate attempts to be memorable and the drunk slutty girls that never fail to be from Alabama.  Just good.

When was the last time I cursed at the TV?
Again, being completely honest here... tonight when Nick and I were watching the news a Sarah Palin clip played showing her mouthing off about something and I said, "uh, she's such a b*%$." Sorry... not really.

What will I most likely let my kids get away with when I am tired?
Sleeping in the bed with me, although this will be an eternal topic of controversy between me and Nick... he says no way no how and I say, oh Saturdays are special why not?  At least in the mornings during cartoons and sugary cereal... what could be better!?

Aside from major milestones, the best moment of my life?
Hmm, this is a three parter... so best three moments of my life.  NO I am going to stick to the question.  I would have to say that the moment the ultrasound technician said, "There's two" and Nick and I cried and held each other shaking was the best moment of my life.  Other amazing life moment's like saying "I do" and holding the babies for the first time were unforgettable but those moments were preceded with anticipation and halfway knowing what to expect.  I was shocked and could never have expected the explosion of emotion that I felt, emotionally and physically, when I saw that I was carrying twins in my womb.

Am I an extrovert or introvert?
Extrovert.  I talk to strangers, I volunteer for social situations, I greet people in the parking lots whether or not it looks as if they are interested in me or not.

Biggest pet peeve that I see from other drivers on the road?
People texting while the drive.

A fashion item or statement that I really admire but can't pulloff?
Anything with high heels.  I love tall boots, strappy sexy sandals, pumps, but I just can't do it.  I have to wear flats for comfort and also, my claim to fame statement around Nick is "I just can't wear a heel without feeling like a drag queen."  (this does not apply to heels with dresses).  I mean heels with jeans, skirts, etc. basically anything other than a black pump with church and work clothes.

If I could go to college again and major in anything and follow through in it with a successful career?
I have said Nutrition for a while now but I think I will always long for my masters degree in my current career field, Speech Pathology.  The 5 month maternity leave gave me time for space and spiritual Q&A and change and I am actually really passionately loving my job now.  I also would really love to explore some form of counseling too though like addiction, couples, or children's, particularly abused and neglected children.

Hope this helps you get to know me a little better!

Lindsay M.

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Stephanie said...

Harper and Lily are six months old today! I just realized it.