Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'm thankful for...

Just a few...
being loved
nick- his commitment to me and our family and that he has never once judged me
harper- i love that she is so patient, i can tell already she will be a good listener, and that she really observes her surroundings 
lily- i love the way she smiles so big when i go to get her in the morning and she will sit so still on my lap with her head buried in my chest not needing any entertainment, just to be with me is enough
my health, my home, our things
my job and the benefits it provides for my family, including the time I get to spend with them
repaired relationships 
my friends, blogs, text messaging, and facebook (it is so nice to touch a few buttons and read and see my friends when we can't be face to face)
a new spirit of hope in America
Christmas music starts today, tree tomorrow
warm comfort food 
flavored creamers and coffees
soft clean pajama pants and long sleeve tees
scented candles
OK...this is where my list of things i am thankful for starts turning into things I love because the truth is there are the essentials in life that I am so thankful for and then there are things I don't need or deserve but have and am so thankful for so I'll stop.  That's a whole other blog...


Stephanie said...

Silas is content to sit in my lap too, and I love that.

Liz said...

I love that you listed that Christmas music starts today, meaning (hopefully) it didn't start BEFORE thanksgiving. which would be tragic.

Happy Thanksgiving!! :)

The Bean said...

Christmas music here started before Halloween on one radio station. We get our tree this coming Thursday!