Friday, March 28, 2008

10 Things About Me You May or May Not Know...

(in response to Shea's TAG)

1. I am a lover of anything "comfort." For example, food, pajama pants, warm lattes, fleece blankets, naps. I haven't always been this way I don't think? I think it started in college when I actually felt like relaxation was a reward for going to classes or projects or homework or going out. And nowadays I simply love going out to eat with friends, sitting at starbucks, cuddling up and reading or watching t.v, and I especially love Saturdays when I don't have plans.

2. I am easily affected by the weather. If it is not sunny for days on end I can feel sad. Too hot and I'm miserable. Too cold for too long and I am cranky. I unfortunately have year round allergies! However, Zyrtec has worked wonders. But a perfect sunny cool day does wonders for my soul. That may not be unusual... most people enjoy sun.

3. I love dogs very much. Rescuing Ali from the Humane Society is one of the greatest choices Nick and I ever made. Every night before we go to sleep, she props up on my belly and I give her a goodnight kiss and tell her "Ali Carrie, you are such a gift." It makes me sad, no devastated, to hear about or see animal abuse. There is a new commercial for animal abuse awareness where Micheal Stipes is singing "Everybody Hurts" that shows abused chimps, dogs, and a donkey that I can't watch. A whole other blog would be the question I have asked myself before, "How can I be so desensitized to human abuse and be so devastated by animal abuse?" I guess it is just because we are so used to seeing people be mistreated. Sad state.

4. I am fascinated by addiction. I watch A&E "Intervention" and have probably seen every one ever made. I totally understand some addictions be it alcohol or drug resulting from an emotional turned to chemical dependance but the ones that really blow my mind are addictions to sex, starvation, or cutting. I have often wondered if my calling is to return to school one day to get a degree in some sort of counseling and work with addicts.

5. I have several strange (though not extreme) phobias. Phobia might be a strong word. These things give me goose bumps, heebie jeebies, creeps, or make me gag: barnacles, crustaceans, huge man made structures (barges, bridges, big building, ships - combined with a fear of heights), heights, and then of course insects and rodents as well as reptiles. YUK.

6. I really don't care for high tech. "things." ipods, camera phones, video games, blackberries, blue tooth... I can take it or leave it. This blog business is enjoyable but I do also make handwritten journal entries almost daily and have ever since high school.

7. I am a crier.

8. I was a smoker for 7 or 8 years? I don't really know when to start counting when I actually became a smoker... officially freshman year of college because there was not parent supervision and I could smoke any time I wanted to but definitely started before that. And of course I quit 100 times in all those years but never went more than a month UNTIL my last cigarette December 4, 2007 before finding out I was pregnant December 5, 2007 and now it has been 3.5 almost 4 months that I have been smoke free. I remember my last drag and thinking "I'm probably pregnant and this is probably my last cigarette for a LONG time." I will be a FOOL if I EVER pick those delicious things up again after Harper and Lily are born. It is just one of those things... if you aren't a smoker and you probably HATE smokers then you just don't understand the "addiction" but if you are or have been a smoker then you know the affairs and arguments that goes on in your head as you try to find ways to excuse yourself from a crowd to light up or allow yourself to be 5 minutes late for work for one more loop around the block and that is the thing...I say affairs and arguments because I was always a "closet smoker" to those who "didn't know" although if you really knew me.. you knew. NO ONE can hide the smell or the voice or the queezy laugh. I never ever felt good about smoking though. Literally every pack I bought I would think, this really does have to be my last. Anyway, I don't smoke anymore. If only it wasn't so bad for me...

9. Ok something positive now... back in the day I was pretty darn good at art - however I can't tell you squat about art history. In high school I loved to draw, paint, sculpt. I took art class every year in high school and even got a couple of awards in that time but never took full advantage of the resources that were at hand and don't have much to show for it now. And as they say with any skill or muscle, "If you don't use it you lose it." Occasionally I'll do some sketching or water color painting but I get frustrated very easily because my work isn't has good and it doesn't come as naturally to me anymore.

10. I am so thrilled about being a mommy to twin girls. I love baby girls and have always dreamed of having daughters. I have so many little ideas and plans for the future and how we spend time with a gals once they get here. I can't wait to meet them in July/August.

I tag Jackie, MTHS, Luke, Nick.

Happy Friday everyone!


Carrie said...

Lily and Harper? I love those names! Beautiful. Great post, always good to learn new things about people!

Shea said...

I love those names!!! Seriously, I love them. Hope you are feeling good!