Thursday, September 20, 2007

Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Fall

10. Mums
9. Haunted hayrides
8. Football
7. Fall Clothes
6. Shows begin their new seasons
5. Chili and other warm comfort foods
4. Flipflops and hooded sweatshirts (deserves a whole new category othe than fall clothes)
3. Cool days and frigid nights
2. The leaves changing color
1. Pumpkin Spice Lattes

My favorite Fall month: October
My perfect Fall music: something like jazz or swing
My favorite Fall something new necessities: a new longsleeve white and/black longsleeve fitted cotton shirt, new Rocketdogs/Merrils, new jeans, chapstick, and anything "spice" scented candles.
My favorite Fall activities: windowshopping, hayrides, horseback riding, walks outside before sunset, collecting leaves, drinking a hot treat on the porch, opening the windows in the living room to let in fresh air in the morning.
My favorite Fall meal: Thanksgiving of course (that's still in the fall right?)
My favorite Fall memory SO FAR: Asheville NC, October 2006 - our last night in town, sitting at Barley's upstairs by the window, watching the sunset and sky fade from bluest blue to pinkiest orange right above the bare black treetops. We sat at that cold window drinking draft Pumpkin Spice Ale for hours just the two of us (Nick and me of course) talking and laughing and loving Fall.

What are some of your favorite Fall memories?


Nick M. said...

Trade me a pumpkin spice for a White Mocha or a good old fashion cup of black coffee and I am IN!!

Jason said...

What a great post to read on a Friday morning.....My fav fall memory is from Asheville also....Last October sitting on the balcony at the hotel,drinking coffee,reading the paper while wearing PJ bottoms and a fleece pullover and watching the city come to life ...SLOWLY!!
Great POST!!!

Liz said...

What I wouldn't give for a fall day in Asheville right now - surrounded by beauty, quiet and cool weather! I am learning to appreciate HK - but the heat is unbearable! And its not even summer here! Sigh.

My favorite fall memory ever was 2001. Brian and Stephanie were living out in the little farm house. We had all just come through an incredibly trying semester, and it was our first day to relax in one another's company. We spent the day laughing, watching silly movies, baking an apple pie and walking down the cow-lines streets in the fall chill. I can still smell the apple pie and smoke from the fire place.

jackie said...

This may be a little odd but I love the smell of burning leaves. My parents kind of live out in the country and there is nothing like the smell of someone who has just raked their lawn and is burning all of the leaves and sticks. Oh! And campfires I love it being really chilly outside and sitting by a hot fire. So chilly your back is freezing but the fire is so hot your cheeks are rosy. Oh! And I love the way the sun just looks in the fall. Its different than any other time of the year. I too love the fall and I love you! Great post friend!

The Bean said...

I love Fall too. It's my favorite season. In fact, I was just in Asheville this week for Fall color changes. It was Beautiful especially up around Craggy.