Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Perfect Weekend

It truly was a perfect weekend.
Friday afternoon I shopped with Laura Mc. and enjoyed watching her face light up and wheels turn in her head as she discovered the joys of shopping at Kohls! The discounts, satisfactory customer service, and convenience all in one trip that produced a plethora of outfits for work and pleasure (i hope i used that word correctly ;) After we shopped we joined our hubby's for wings and beer at...Wings, surprise! It is always fun to go out to eat with company who are as fun as those two.
So fun that Saturday morning we all had brunch at our favorite local restraunt Sinclair's in Old Cloverdale. We browsed through Cafe Louisa, Mandy Bagwell's Gallery, Capitol Book and News (where I met Cheryl ;)and then watched a quarter of the Huntingdon Hawks get creamed, sad, I can't even remember who they were playing. But it was a beautiful day nonetheless. After the early afternoon in Old Cloverdale, Laura and I headed back out for some more shopping...I bought some essentials: unmentionables and some FABULOUS Vera Wang flats that if I were Heather T. I would have a picture linked...HERE...but I don't :( Anyway, they are black, they are flat, and they are fabulous. I also purchased a matted and framed black and white photograph of a Cala Lily to hang in our guest bathroom. The original price was $59.00. I selected the picture under the assumption that I would be spending roughly $30.00 because it was on sale at 50% off but when I got to the register it ran up as...$13.00 WHAT THE HECK! I was so happy and it looks as great as I hoped that it would. That evening we & the McFee's shared deliciousness at our second favorite local restaurant Jalepenos! Have I ever mentioned that their margueritas are THE BEST? And their cheese dip, and their salsa, and every thing on the menu THE BEST. Onward to the Mielke's for a little AU football...I won't go there. Actually I didn't go there because LMc. and I went to bed and slept from 9 till what? about 11:30pm? It was nice. Not so sure the guys had a great time.
Which brings me to Sunday. I woke up at 8:30am which is only 1 hour later than the perfect time to wake up...I drank an entire cup of coffee while I checked FB, MS, gmail, and Blogs. A wonderful weekend morning tradition. After computer time I cleaned my house top to bottom and lit all of the new candles I forgot to mention that I bought on Saturday at Hobby Lobby because all candles and candle holders were 50% off. I'll insert a little from Stephanie's blog and agree that clutter in the home drives me crazy and I won't have it (not her exact words at all). I cooked supper, watched "Never Been Kissed" wrote this blog, and now my love is pulling up in the driveway (for real) which means I am done describing my wonderful weekend except to say that while I did enjoy having the McFees all TO MYSELF (YAY!!!!) I did miss a certain out of town couple ;) you know who you are.
I'm blessed and not checking for typos!


jackie said...

That does sound like a truly wonderful weekend! I hate that we had to miss out on all the fun (and great deals!) I can't wait to see you again SOON!

Madame Rubies said...

Sounds wonderful. I worked both nights. T'is life. My friend used calla lilies in her wedding. beautiful flowers. And I so love a good deal.

Jason said...

Glad to see You bloggin ....Makes me happy !!

Eleanor said...

You were at the bookstore???

And I wasn't there????


<--hair flounce-->

Ya might wanna watch for fallin' gray hair. It's sharp and can slice your toes open.


Jennifer said...

Sounds like lots o' fun! I got some killer deals while in B'ham this weekend.