Saturday, August 14, 2010

It has been a long while since the last time I posted and the reason for that is mainly because I have been busy as a little bee.

Summer vacation has ended for both children and teachers which means I am back at work. I started therapy at a new location this year. I am based at an elementary school five days per week with no traveling! I love and mean really love my school. The administration, teachers, staff, and students are all spectacular. I worked really hard in my classroom to make it both fun and conducive to learning for the kids. Every morning that I go in and sit at my desk or kidney-shaped table I feel comfort. Just like when you were a kid and might have loved organizing new pencils and trapper-keepers, I love coming into my room and sorting through new clean data sheets and colorful post-it notes. Right now, I have 35 active students on my roll with 3-5 referrals pending. This is by far the largest caseload I have ever worked with at a single school but, needless to say, I will be busy and challenged which is exactly what I was praying for this year.

My own children have been sick with colds this week. Runny noses and 24 hour fevers. Last night we had a bought with vomiting due to restricted breathing and excess mucous that upset Lily's tummy. At bath time, we soaked them in Johnson & Johnson's "soothing vapor bath" which if you haven't tried, I highly recommend. I have even used it myself to relief allergic congestion and sinus pressure.

This morning my Love, quietly slipped out of bed, switched off the baby monitor, and got the girls up and through breakfast without waking me up. I slept until 9:45a.m. and was greeted by sweet babies, hot coffee, and French Toast. What a wonderful love.

Not too much on the list of things to do today. I am on my second load of laundry and third episode of Dragon Tales. The sky is slightly overcast which means that there might be a stroll in our future. Nick is checking out Blockbuster's Red-box flicks at the moment which will probably mean we will have a date, sipping red wine, cooking something fabulous, and watching a movie.

Happy Saturday to all!

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lindsay said...

I love your posts!!!