Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Things to do, later.

What is it about me that needs and thrives off of structure, planning, cleanliness, and organization yet dreads some activities that involve just that?

A few examples:

I don't mind dusting and vacuuming our bedroom but I hate washing dishes and cleaning the bathrooms.

I love to pencil in appointments and due dates on my calendar but I hate opening gmail and reading through my emails especially if I have to respond.

I love the feeling after a great walk or workout at the gym when I happen to go but I hate, really hate, thinking all day, "I NEED to go this afternoon" so much that a lot of times I talk myself out of it.

I love to buy a few new garments or accessories every once in a while when I find something great unexpectedly or on sale but when I have a gift card or money saved up and go out to look for something I get overwhelmed and want to give up 10 minutes after I start shopping.

My car needs gas but I hate stopping to get it and the same goes for grocery shopping... i love food and a stocked and organized pantry/fridge but I usually dread the grocery store.

And I love my little dog more than any other little dog in the world but why do I say for weeks, "I need to get her groomed" or "bathe her and comb her out 1,000,000 times" before I make the appointment?

Those are just to name a few.

I really do wonder why I have so many inner hesitations about little stuff that really aren't that big of a deal. It is odd. Or is it normal? What are some things you dread or put off that make you feel good once you get it done?


Lindsey said...

I put off folding the boys laundry as long as possible. I have no problem washing and folding it but I can not stand folding all there little clothes and organizing it in their drawers. Its too much small stuff.

I hope all is well =). Life is crazy now with two little boys, but I love every minute of it.


Jason said...

I love washing and ironing clothes but I hate folding....