Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pro Con Pro

Gosh you know sometimes you just don't have anything to post.  But here goes.

I'll start with a pro.  The babies are doing well. 14 pounds each, rolling, laughing, playing on their tummies like crazy.  Ear infections...a serious issue.  Their premature small cranial structures are a breeding ground for bacteria which causes these infections we battle monthly.  They are on their 5th or 6th antibiotic which is a blessing and a curse.  We will probably be making an appt. with an ENT in the next 6 months to discuss the option of tubes.  I had 5 or 6 sets of tubes and although my parents were worried I might have been deaf when I was a child but I made it... and so will they.

Con.  Faculty meeting today was ... somber.  Because of proration in the city of Montgomery 3 schools are definitely closing maybe 4 which means 600 kids are being dispersed into existing schools and 50-60 school personal will need to be hired.  Which means all non-tenured teachers will not have renewed contracts.  It was really disheartening to look around and see one teacher I work with 6 months pregnant wondering if she will have a job when she returns from her maternity leave.  Another teacher is a husband and a father to children under the age of two.  He, of course, is worried about not being hired back and having to switch to his wife's outrageous insurance premiums.  My job, for now, is secure because I teach Special Ed. and even though I am very thankful for that my heart goes out to my coworkers who nerves are on edge with not knowing.

Pro.  Instant brownies.  Have you heard of these?  Betty Crocker makes these little plastic bowls of brownies that you microwave for 1 minute 30 seconds and it's not bad.  I had a sweet tooth that would not quit but wanted something quick so, Betty Crocker, kudos to you for making my life a little sweeter and my kitchen less of a hassle to clean up.

Con.  My sweet little Ali needs a clipping in the worst way.  She is dirty.  She is matted in places, and well... she stank.  But I just don't have $40 to spend at the Vet.  She will have to wait until this Saturday when I can do it myself.

End on a Pro.  THIS is AMERican IDOL!

Happy Wednesday all!