Saturday, July 29, 2006

Caffiene Induced Creative Flare

You know what I mean by this caption...It is Saturday morning, I have a million things that I SHOULD be doing: homework, studying for finals, buying wedding presents for friends that I have let go by, going to Robertson's and ordering my own wedding album, etc. but instead I am having one of those Saturday mornings where the coffee tastes SO good and I am making a list of things that I don't HAVE to do...but instead, things I want to do because it brings me joy. Here is that list:
1. Clean our apartment and light candles in the every room so home smells good and feels cozy, change the sheets, Febreeze all the furniture.
2. Go on a walk.
3. Watch a good movie or read a good book.
4. Cook a meal tonight that Nick and I can't afford while listening to Charter Cable "Blues" radio and drink red wine.
5. Take a bubble bath.

There it perfect Saturday ...oh and it is overcast with a chance of rain...PERFECT.
That sounds like a good Saturday at home to me

And I leave you with this question:
How much do I LOVE this doggy in the window?


Nick M. said...

Sometimes it is up for debate that you love that doggie in the window more than your husband who loves you so! ;-)

Mary said...

That sounds pretty close to my favorite saturday too! Have fun.

Jason said...

Thanks for the kind words you wrote .....I do love that doggie also ....she is lovely ....
love ya