Friday, June 10, 2011


Recently, my mother made the snarky remark that "the girls should be potty trained by now, they are five!" ( love you mom! )

No. They are three.

A list of good reasons that I waited till 3:
-they can follow multistep directions
-they can intelligibly verbalize their wants and needs
-they respond well to positive praise
-they can help clean up

A list of bad reasons to wait till 3:
-i can't think of any bad reasons
-and no, it isn't the "sick of changing diapers argument," at this age, we were only changing diapers 2 or 3 times per day which was the clearest indicator that they were ready to be transitioned to toilet

I began this journey, technically, the day after Memorial Day, by ditching diapers, foregoing pull-ups, and putting them straight into panties. I heard so many versions of the "best way to potty train" and found that, like all other parenting techniques, my way is the best way :)

And I don't mean that I am 100% correct about everything I do as I parent, I mean that what works for us works for us. So, 11 days since I started this endeavor, H&L are using their potties at home AND using public potties when prompted, and yes, wearing a pull up at night and during naps. At first I used M&M's but now I don't have to. They like using the potty, amen.

However, what's an occasional sugar-free treat as reinforcement going to hurt?



Marnie said...

This is picture is priceless!

Jennifer Messick said...

I love that they are sitting on the back porch going potty! :)

Digi Mani said...

That's some pretty useful stuff :D

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Kari Roberts said...

I have 20 month old twins. Not even thinking about potty training here. Figured I should get them off bottles first. This gave hope...and a laugh.
Maybe I will get them off bottles when they are 2! Or not. Having twins means all bets are off, rules were made to be broken, and do what you can to get through the day.

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Barbara Clark said...

Loved this post! My son is 3 and I am trying to potty train him now :)
Agree with you fully! :)