Thursday, September 02, 2010

Because I Don't Want to Forget

Tonight, rocking my two baby girls before bed, Harper said, "mama take a sunshine away?" Which means, "Mama sing You Are My Sunshine."

I sang.

Lily said, "no take it away? no take it away?" because she didn't want me to stop singing...

So I said, "babies, let's pray."

Babies tightly clasped their little hands together and Harper beats me to it and she says,

"Dee God,

Tank-a a Mama...

"Yes baby, thank you for Mama"

"Tank-a a Dada..."

"Yes baby, thank you for Dada, and God thank you for Harper, and Lily, and Ali and for this day..."

"an tank-a a tu tu's???"

"yes baby, thank God for tutus too" ( as in the pink and purple ballet tutus the girls wore around the house tonight for an hour before bath time).

And we all said, "Amen."

Well, except for Lily who said, "no amen? no amen?" because she wasn't ready to be finished praying.

Thanks be to God.

Right Steph?


Stephanie said...


theglasgowfamily said...

That is precious!

Leslie Tanner said...

Absolutely adorable! I needed that today, a day where sometimes I can become a little jaded.