Thursday, August 02, 2007

"Quarter Life Crisis" Crisis???

(PREFACE) Some of you might remember a blog I posted Saturday September 30, 2006 called "Quarter Life Crisis." I started off my post by saying that I did not know the author of this essay that I was quoting but that I had received it in a CHAIN EMAIL ...and the email (which I still have) is dated 3/21/2005. And today 8/2/07 I get this email ...

On 8/1/07, Brenda-But my friends call me Lola wrote: Brenda-But my friends call me Lola has left a new comment on your post "Quarter-Life Crisis":


It has come to my attention that my article, Quarter Life Crisis, an essay written for PLAY magazine in April 2001 is up on your site. I am very flattered but disheartened to find that I was not given credit for my work.

My piece was a very personal essay that was about myself and friends and has unfortunately been published online in some areas without my byline. I do not mind the essay being up, I wrote it to help young people like myself but please do be kind enough to give me credit.

I am sure you understand why I would require credit and worse how devastating plagiarism can feel.

Thanks so much!

Brenda Della Casa (Lola)
Author, Cinderella Was A Liar

So this is my attempt to give credit where credit is due.
And may I just state for the record, I never took credit or cash for this piece. I thought by posting "Author Unknown" I was being ...polite???


Jason said...


Eleanor said...

Aw.... she was googlin' herself.


You've done the right thing by letting her e-mail clear that up, but HELLO??? It isn't plagarism unless you attempt to persuade people that you were the author, which you did not do.

Glad you're like EPL!!!

Eleanor said...

Okay, so you are very cute, but you are NOT like EPL, but I am glad you are LIKING it.

You're actually more like a very young Sally Field, sometime between the Nun thing and the Norma Rae thing.