Thursday, April 20, 2006

6 Weird Things About Me:

There are so many but I will try to narrow them down.
6= the lesser of the weird
1= the weirdest

6.) I hate when people talk during TV shows...when I lived in the AXO sorority house my senior year all of the girls would gather to watch Bachelor and I would watch it alone in my room because I could not stand the chatting the whole time.

5.) I am irritated if I do not eat a rounded meal : carb, meat, veg, fruit, and chocolate.

4.) I do not like sour candies because they make my teeth scratchy.

3.) I do like burnt food (toast, bagels, popcorn, steak).

2.) I kiss my dog on the mouth! (sue me)

1.) My favorite scent is Nick's nose breath! (sounds so weird and I know you are all so grossed out but it asked for 6 of the weirdest - and thats pretty weird)


Mary said...

Numbers 2 & 3 could be on my list had I made one. Sometimes Lane will purposefully burn food for me. Yum. I guess we are all a little weird.

Heather said...

I feel the same about sour candies. I still eat them some though. Hee hee.

The Bean said...

I can handle some burned food but steak, NO WAY! It's got to be a nice medium-rare or it's just too tough. The nose breath thing is pretty weird but we all are I guess. I love Mr. Beans deoderant. He wears Brute and I absolutely LOVE that he still smells like it at night when I curl up on him to go to sleep. I also where his shirts in the evening as they smell the same way. He actually wears one around for me all day the day before he leave to go anywhere that way while he's gone I have a shirt that smells like him. And I'll wear every night to bed whether he's gone 2 days or 2 months!

Mary said...

Bean, it looks like you should definitely be "tagged" for this blog topic. If you haven't been already, I officially tag you.

The Bean said...

Looks like I'm IT!