Tuesday, February 01, 2011

5k Tuesday

A LONG time ago I posted about beginning the "Couch to 5 K" program. At the time I was doubtful and, honestly, not really looking forward to doing the whole running thing. I could jog 3-5 minutes then have to walk and dreaded the next jogging interval. I stuck with it though! If you are not a "runner" then don't tune out just yet...

Within 2 weeks I could feel my body changing and my ability to strengthen actually happening! Short 3-5 minute jogging intervals began to turn into 7-9 minutes intervals and there were times that I didn't even want to stop, even going uphill. I am amazed by the human body on so many levels.

I have survived two serious car accidents (neither time was I wearing a seat belt), recovered from several surgeries, given birth, gained weight, lost the weight, and am now running an average of 9 miles a week. I have never felt better, both in body and in spirit.

At the end of January I participated in my first 5k race in Prattville. It was a beautiful yet COLD day. I ran the first 16 minutes and needed to slow down the middle part of the race by going back to intervals. I managed to run the final mile and cross the finish line in under 38 minutes. As cliche as it sounds it really was the most gratifying to participate and finish rather than win.
As I got closer to the tape I look over and saw my prize: the man of my dreams and beautiful babies cheering for "Mommy."

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